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Im-art introduce Recycling Innovation Art lighting.....

Im-art Decorative Chain Lighting, Interior "Chaintube" and "Bottledisc" lights with a different, The lamps are constructed with bicycle chains. Beautiful decorative indoor lighting.

Unique lamps, individually handcrafted interior lights for inside. Lamp and lighting creations made from bicycle chains and bicycle parts. A unique style of lighting, Decorative Art and Design Lighting with a different. Idea, Design and construction by Imar de Waard. A unique style of lighting, Decorative Art Design Lighting with bicycle chains and parts.....prices available on request

Interior Design "Chaintubes" Lighting for inside.....


The "Chaintube" Light No.1

Interior light the "Chaintube" on a wooden base, in various sizes. For more details and other models please click here


"Chaintube" Light 35 degree on a wooden base

The construction is not welded, soldered or glued.

The construction held together through steel balls and pipes that press the chains all together. For more details and and other models please click here

Model "Bottledisk" No.1


The "Bottledisk" light

Art Design Interior light The "Bottledisk" on a wooden base. For more details and information click here

Construction & Idea



Idea, Design & construction by Imar de Waard

A unique lighting style, Decorative Lamps and lighting creations for inside.....

Are You Afraid Of The Dark.....The right lighting can transform completely the look of your rooms, making them appear smaller, larger, or more sophisticated. Chaintube Arts lights and the Bottledisc" Design lamps create warmth to make a house feel like a home.

The lamps are individually handcrafted, unique and uniquely decorative Art indoor lighting. Prices available on request.